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omg i really dunno how to start this one…err i don’t want to do the 101 reasons why i love cause it is so long and i cant really find 101 ways why i love wyd lol. so ill do the fave CMs and GMs. ^_^

for my fave CM it will be Dhar cause he’s the only one i talked to and err get to know. since CM popped up (lol) i haven’t seen CM Aruman or Tonbarry. well, i had a little chat with Nyx but that was very quick but i can say that Nyx was cute. CM Dhar is really funny and helpful too and fashionable if i may say so. I think he already had three makeover. and this is the third time 🙂 and i like his blog too funny and at the same time informative 🙂

for GMs (mmm i hope GMs won’t get me for this lol)

1. GM Loki
cause she was the first one i talked to and she is very patient. when i was in academy, Loki was the one in charge in the league and i find her very entertaining lol. with all the “GM Summon meeeee” thing she was really patient with all the players.

2. GM Nemesis
cause i interviewed him and he was soo nice

3. GM Zeus
i just like her and the way she looks

and all other GMs are equal cause i believe they all did good job. ^_^

waaa this is so sucky sorry guys ^_^ but i hope its still ok lol



lemme think

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hi hi! oh i know i missed alot from my 4 days of not blogging. geez…the last time i blogged was the second day of the second season.zzz it seemed like forever. to be honest, i run out of things to blog. but thankfully, our cms gave us topics ^_^  . so what are the things you can expect from my blog?

1. Makeover

im thinkin of a blog makeover (oh man why did i tell you!?!) jk. since this is the second season i decided to change some things in my blog and i hope you guys will like it. so better watch out ^_^

2. More Pics

i will be getting ss every now and then of me and the whole WYD community. mmm im gonna be a wanderer.

3. Interviews

in my past entries, i only have two interview articles. most of my entries were about me, myself and i lol. this time i would try to introduce you to my friends ^_^ and maybe to some GMs too (well, i hope they will grant me an interview) .

4. More of my adventures!

ah this one is more wicked. i’ll be doing some deathdefying stunts (lol).  ill be doing more quests and hunting i guess ^^.

To start with the new adventures, today i went to the SF and tried  my luck to hunt for ressurection book. and this is what came my way

waaa the monster eating me!!!

waaa the monster eating me!!!

aggh the anceint ape is eating my head off *_* what a sight to behold lol

hit that ape

hit that ape

the ancient ape looks so vicious *_* so i hit him hard wahaha and he died. i killed lots of them but still no ressu book. so unfortunate today…zzzz maybe tomorrow ill be lucky ^_^

gtg and thank you for always reading my blog lol. ^_^


read me!

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waaaa im running out of ideas to blog! zzzz.. ok so there are many bloggers now and i am happy with that and at the same time, i know that things will bre rougher and tougher this time. err idk really know what to blog. my mind is like in a limbo right now *_*. idk if i am gonna quit work to study or i’ll have it both at the same time. i dont want to quit my job but i also don’t want to fail school waaaaa. i dunno what to do!

*sigh* ill leave that thing alone for now, and what i’ll tell you now are the things i learned from last season’s blogging event.  last season, the CMs are a little lenient about the blogging. there is no rule or requirements. but as a major blogging rule, they do not allow plagiarism and we all know that it is really a big NO no in writing. and in all fairness to the WYDian bloggers, they ( including me lol ^_^) do not plagiarise. and this event also gave  way to the artistic side of the WYDians.

second thing, i have learned many things from my fellow bloggers. they have shares their pesonal experiences in and out of game. and somehow i got some ideas on how to make my character stronger and better. thanks to the tips given by claire and the others who shared their knowledge ;P

i think and i believe that this blog event has made an invisible tie among wydian bloggers, readers and players too. see mastr-foema and cooldude?

cooldude and MSTR-FOEMA

(from cooldude’s blog)

hmm, and this blog event gave chance to people to be known in game (some little fame wont hurt aii ^_^ ).

so that’s all for now (me mind still not working properly … L-A-G-G-I-N-G *_*)

see ya


At last found it!!!

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hi everyone! wow the blogging continues!!! and i believe that many people are happy about it. the prizes are bigger and better ^_^ i’m so excited!!

however there are some modifications and the event is tougher than the last. the CMs are requiring us to do some stuff and put  the cms lair, wyd’s official site and the personal blog sites of each cm in our blog roll or the blog list. well, those are not that hard to do but some still might be confused on how to add links to their blog rolls. so ill be sharing with you guys the step by step procedures on how to add links. ;P

For wordpress:

1.  Go to Dashboard then click Manage.



2. Then click Link under Manage button. You will arrive in a a page like this.

example only ^_^

example only ^_^

then fill in all the necessary informations.

example also XD

example also

its up to you if you are going to make another category for your blog list.

After putting all needed info, hit the save button and presto! its in your blog list

its in the blog roll now!

its in the blog roll now!

err. idk if you guys understand it but i hope it will somehow help you ^_^.


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