No It Cant Be!?!

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ZOMG!!! have you read the new update.

It is not that good to me…for goodness sake they are removing the Naiads from Nell! And instead it will be dropped by the boss monster in the Duel N letter. nooo!!!! this is all a dream… got to wake up or else ill die in my sleep lol 😀

Seriously, in my opinion, i don’t think it is wise to remove the Naiads from Nell. Although it would be beneficial to those doing the duel letter. err, then it would mean that Duel Letter N prizes may rocket to all time high price and Naiads too (?).

I bet the naiads that will be drop will have no ups (course lol) 😀

On the other hand, they will be adding more stocks of other stuff in nell so *shrug* i think its still ok. And they have lots of event which is cool ^-^ and this means more WYDians can earn money hehe.

Thats all i can say. You think its ok to remove t


lemme think

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hi hi! oh i know i missed alot from my 4 days of not blogging. geez…the last time i blogged was the second day of the second season.zzz it seemed like forever. to be honest, i run out of things to blog. but thankfully, our cms gave us topics ^_^  . so what are the things you can expect from my blog?

1. Makeover

im thinkin of a blog makeover (oh man why did i tell you!?!) jk. since this is the second season i decided to change some things in my blog and i hope you guys will like it. so better watch out ^_^

2. More Pics

i will be getting ss every now and then of me and the whole WYD community. mmm im gonna be a wanderer.

3. Interviews

in my past entries, i only have two interview articles. most of my entries were about me, myself and i lol. this time i would try to introduce you to my friends ^_^ and maybe to some GMs too (well, i hope they will grant me an interview) .

4. More of my adventures!

ah this one is more wicked. i’ll be doing some deathdefying stunts (lol).  ill be doing more quests and hunting i guess ^^.

To start with the new adventures, today i went to the SF and tried  my luck to hunt for ressurection book. and this is what came my way

waaa the monster eating me!!!

waaa the monster eating me!!!

aggh the anceint ape is eating my head off *_* what a sight to behold lol

hit that ape

hit that ape

the ancient ape looks so vicious *_* so i hit him hard wahaha and he died. i killed lots of them but still no ressu book. so unfortunate today…zzzz maybe tomorrow ill be lucky ^_^

gtg and thank you for always reading my blog lol. ^_^



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i dont know how to start this entry. *sigh* i visited the official site and at the first page of the forum there are lots of complains about the blocking of account.

almost all of the forumers complain about their account being blocked without notification. yesterday, the GMs announced about using a cheat engine. they said that accounts proven using this engine will be blocked permanently.i am sorry for those ppl who got blocked i know it is so annoying to know that you cannot log in your account and that it was blocked. so i hope the GMs will settle this matter soon.

I WON!!!

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wow i mean WOOOOOOW! this is so cool! after that one month blogging at last, judgement time has come. and i am really surprised that i am one of those lucky bloggers who’ll receive the ancient wep. cause originally, the cm will choose only three luck winners. then here we are ten! wow so many thanks. really. i really didnt expect to win cause there are lots of entries that are better than mine (mine is a little crappy). i just update mine almost everyday. and actually its kinda hard to maintain a blog. cause there are times that it gets boring ingame or even in real life. and sometimes there is nothing really to blog about. so you need to make one ^_^. or to find one cause if can’t do that, then you’ll have no entry for that day…

and whats more is that you also need ss so your entry wont be that boring. at least two ss  =). and you also need blogging tricks or gimmicks so you’re readers won’t get bored. dhar announced that there will be a season two for the blogging event. next season will be tougher and i bet more bloggers will take it seriously. 5 laks & 5 ori powder are good source of gold.  imagine if you are always updating your blog and the CMs liked it. wow! thats a lot of money ^_^. if you wanna know about the new blog event go to cm dhars site.

so right now that’s all i can say. ill just prepare meself for that. and gratz to all winners! ^_^
and to all the bloggers too lets keep blogging!


the celes

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hi all! this day i went water M share with the celes. hmmm, good thing they let us in. i’m with fei sama.  i wasn’t able to see much of the guildmates. the waters went well, i levelled up like 5 times i think. i actually took this ss cause i find it cuteXD. the gargoyles are like dragons! they are throwing fire at us. lucliky, i was not the tanker so i died only once^_^. fei was the unfortunate one, she died many times>.<  i was planning to have a water N share with SHIELD (that is my guild) but i was not able to find them (as i mentioned earlier).

after the event

after the event

of course, i would need to rest after that tiring water M. i did not attack but it was still tiring ^_^

can you imagine that!?!

can you imagine that!?!

where's wicked?

where's wicked?

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