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hi there, welcome to my blog! i hope that you will enjoy my adventures and misadventures in the world of WYD! i actually played WYD 3 months ago. i was such a newbie. at first, i am pissed because i don’t know where would i go. so i explored the game and found it quite interesting. my first academy was Malaysia then i transferred to Hong Kong. atm, my mortal character is a SHIELD member.

i real life, i’m a warm person (lol i think i am), i am child at heart (lol i know i am :D)


  • reading books
  • sci-fi, romantic, comedy, animated, and action movies
  • I loooove dark chocolates specially the special dark by Hershey’s ;P and
  • i also love Reese’s and
  • PB and J yummy!
  • i love listening to Usher Raymonds
  • Metallica and Nirvana,
  • Babyface,
  • Mariah Carey and loooots more depending on my mood ^_^.
  • I loove to dance (but im not that pro yet ;P)
  • I love you cause you are reading my blog 😀 ( and i know youll be coming back for more lol :P)
its me

its me

that’s all for now folks. happy reading!^_^ uh meet me ingame or comment here! down there  😛

Edit: im a celes now ^_^ a self confessed high level noob wahaha. still in SHIELD ^^


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  1. this is a test^_^

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