Breaking Silence

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In a span of almost three months, our guild SHIELD rose up to power. In that little time, the guild was able to gather force. This force is what we need to own a town or towns.

The guild was able to own server 4 when its allied guild The Balance changed server and went to server 1. Server 4 was owned by SHIELD three weeks in a row with no challenger until last Friday.

I was shocked when I saw Ares bid for Armia, The FirstHeroes in Snow field and Erion, then Crusaders on Azran. I was stunned with this news! Three different guild in one night wtf !?! And what more was that Ares which was originally based in server one changed citizenship and its guild leader is DeneB. Yeah your right, DeneB as in Zeus guild master (before TAHOE handed him the tag) and not only him former Zeus members EnemyOfMySun, Ryukz, and Arrancar. Now that just proves how former Zeus (now Ares) wants SHIELD homeless lol. :p


Last stay in Armia before ditching it 😦

ARmia challenger

Armia challenger

Azran Challenger

Azran Challenger

Empi Empis Empis

Empi Empis Empis

Ah its Bruce the Snow Man

Ah its Bruce the Snow Man

I knew it they were cooking something fishy that’s why they were (Zeus) so quiet. Oh I forgot when the guild Crusaders was made, they were originally white cape people and it was last Thursday I think, when they changed to red cape.

So our dear guild leader dumptires, decided to ditch Armia and defend the three other towns. I think it was a right move cause it will be suicide if we would defend Armia with just a few celestials (and Ares were tougher than tough specially DeneB). If only TB could help us but this was our fight lol.

Before GW

Before GW

Well, we lost Azran and won Erion and Snow Field thanks to IAmNameless. 😀 The Crusaders were tough and we had a good fight ^_^. So we were back to our original home and that‘s Erion ^_^. It was a cozy place and a bit little for us but that will do (for now):P

Noatun ^_^

Noatun ^_^

Luckily, no one challenged us for Noatun so we still keep the sever ^_^


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