OMG Server Maintenance!!!

September 22, 2008 at 9:43 pm | Posted in adventures | Leave a comment
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ok so today is maintenance day and i this will be a very boring day omg… i missed the twice experience day and only shared two waters after that. no guild war, no server war zzz but still exciting. why? cause of ZEUS and my guild ^_^!

see when i was stuck in level 90, I decided to join an event which is the games of the generals. As we all know, in this event (for gods and celestials) the drops are good. You need to kill the red cape wizards and the Akeronia General if you are a blue cape and the Hekalotia General if you’re a red caper. The wizards drop warrior seal and lak powder while the generals drop a medal and lak.

Going back, it was Friday morning when I joined the event and out of nowhere, a Zeus mem (I think it was DeneB) pked me T_T. Then it happened again the next day and the next day. The only difference was on the second and the third day, there were also other blue capers around like The Balance and other SHIELD mem. So I was not the only one fighting ^_^. It was fun pking with Zeus but I got tired cause I can’t remain alive for 15 minutes *_*. Every time I spawned in the kephra dungeon, they will (Zeus) strike me. I got tired and thought that it was just a waste of pots so I just decided to do a share ^_^.

Later, the servers will be up again and I bet, not so many people will play cause the drops really sucks after maintenance T_T. I just hope that there will be double exp this week for celes because the problem with the MOL thing is settled ^_^.

Ok guys let us hope that drop rate after server maintenance is better. See you all in game!

Ciao ^_^


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