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omg i really dunno how to start this one…err i don’t want to do the 101 reasons why i love cause it is so long and i cant really find 101 ways why i love wyd lol. so ill do the fave CMs and GMs. ^_^

for my fave CM it will be Dhar cause he’s the only one i talked to and err get to know. since CM popped up (lol) i haven’t seen CM Aruman or Tonbarry. well, i had a little chat with Nyx but that was very quick but i can say that Nyx was cute. CM Dhar is really funny and helpful too and fashionable if i may say so. I think he already had three makeover. and this is the third time 🙂 and i like his blog too funny and at the same time informative 🙂

for GMs (mmm i hope GMs won’t get me for this lol)

1. GM Loki
cause she was the first one i talked to and she is very patient. when i was in academy, Loki was the one in charge in the league and i find her very entertaining lol. with all the “GM Summon meeeee” thing she was really patient with all the players.

2. GM Nemesis
cause i interviewed him and he was soo nice

3. GM Zeus
i just like her and the way she looks

and all other GMs are equal cause i believe they all did good job. ^_^

waaa this is so sucky sorry guys ^_^ but i hope its still ok lol



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