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hi hi! oh i know i missed alot from my 4 days of not blogging. geez…the last time i blogged was the second day of the second season.zzz it seemed like forever. to be honest, i run out of things to blog. but thankfully, our cms gave us topics ^_^  . so what are the things you can expect from my blog?

1. Makeover

im thinkin of a blog makeover (oh man why did i tell you!?!) jk. since this is the second season i decided to change some things in my blog and i hope you guys will like it. so better watch out ^_^

2. More Pics

i will be getting ss every now and then of me and the whole WYD community. mmm im gonna be a wanderer.

3. Interviews

in my past entries, i only have two interview articles. most of my entries were about me, myself and i lol. this time i would try to introduce you to my friends ^_^ and maybe to some GMs too (well, i hope they will grant me an interview) .

4. More of my adventures!

ah this one is more wicked. i’ll be doing some deathdefying stunts (lol).  ill be doing more quests and hunting i guess ^^.

To start with the new adventures, today i went to the SF and tried  my luck to hunt for ressurection book. and this is what came my way

waaa the monster eating me!!!

waaa the monster eating me!!!

aggh the anceint ape is eating my head off *_* what a sight to behold lol

hit that ape

hit that ape

the ancient ape looks so vicious *_* so i hit him hard wahaha and he died. i killed lots of them but still no ressu book. so unfortunate today…zzzz maybe tomorrow ill be lucky ^_^

gtg and thank you for always reading my blog lol. ^_^



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