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waaaa im running out of ideas to blog! zzzz.. ok so there are many bloggers now and i am happy with that and at the same time, i know that things will bre rougher and tougher this time. err idk really know what to blog. my mind is like in a limbo right now *_*. idk if i am gonna quit work to study or i’ll have it both at the same time. i dont want to quit my job but i also don’t want to fail school waaaaa. i dunno what to do!

*sigh* ill leave that thing alone for now, and what i’ll tell you now are the things i learned from last season’s blogging event.  last season, the CMs are a little lenient about the blogging. there is no rule or requirements. but as a major blogging rule, they do not allow plagiarism and we all know that it is really a big NO no in writing. and in all fairness to the WYDian bloggers, they ( including me lol ^_^) do not plagiarise. and this event also gave  way to the artistic side of the WYDians.

second thing, i have learned many things from my fellow bloggers. they have shares their pesonal experiences in and out of game. and somehow i got some ideas on how to make my character stronger and better. thanks to the tips given by claire and the others who shared their knowledge ;P

i think and i believe that this blog event has made an invisible tie among wydian bloggers, readers and players too. see mastr-foema and cooldude?

cooldude and MSTR-FOEMA

(from cooldude’s blog)

hmm, and this blog event gave chance to people to be known in game (some little fame wont hurt aii ^_^ ).

so that’s all for now (me mind still not working properly … L-A-G-G-I-N-G *_*)

see ya



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