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hi there! i went hunting (agin and its beginning to be my past time lol) with superbeotch and hermione. these guys are really cool. well, i had a chat with them and i found that they are really cool parents. hermione and superbeotch are a couple in real life. they have 4 kids ages 8, 7, 2 and 1 ( i hope i got it right) . they are 31 yrs old and they live in Indiana.

their eldest son also plays wyd and superbeotch got him hooked XD. cool dad! i wasn’t able to get their kids names and theirs but superbeotch’s real name is in our guild forum (if you wanna know our real names and other things about SHIELD members please go to ). the couple’s eldest is in the Canada academy;  and asked the couple if their son wants to  be OP too (cause superbeotch was OP of Canada before), they said that their son is too young and he can’t handle yet the  duties (which is true he is 8 yrs old remember ;P).

the couple let their child play as a sort of incentive. if he (the son) did something good then they let them play. oh and all of them are foema. Superbeotch is black fm ( i think), Hermione is a blood and their son is a battle fm cool huh! so you see guys, WYD is not only a game it’s also a past time for families.


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