We own two townS!

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hey hey hey! im so happy right now ^_^. cause SHIELD won Armia in sv4! woooooot is that sweet or what! ^_^

we own sv4

we own sv4

there was this thing happened. i dunno if Rm3 got angry at me. he wont answer me. =(    i hope he’ll forgive me if i did something wrong to him.rm3 i hope your reading this soooooo sorry =(

moving on, Alia and i wentt to the pk arena and bully people there. hehe but i still get pked cause im really a noob with stuff like that. then CM Dhar came and bullied me. waaaa =( it’s so unfar he is immortal and he will never die never.

see how dhar bullied me!

see how dhar bullied me!

after the Cm bullied me i went hunting with -Hermione- and SuperBeotch. after getting so many loots i relo to alia and this is where she was.

hanging with sis

hanging with sis

then i went back to desert and went hunting again. cause of my boredom, i did silly things and i really look stupid

i look stupid

i look stupid

can you see the pig? Alia gave it to meXD. why is it like that? even thoug im mounting a pig im still holding the rein? where’s the rein? lol you cant see cause im the only one who can see ^_^. it really looks silly when someone is mounting a pig *_* .

after a couple of hours in the desert, finally i’ve got lak powder ^_^. then an interesting thing happened. hahaha i cant help laughing when i remember that thing. well ok here’s the story. i was hunting in the desert with -Hermione- (cause SuperBeotch left) then suddenly -Carbuncle- and CM Dhar had this chat. then out of the blue, a guy named marryme carby appeared in the citizen chat and a marrymedump appeared too! wtf!?! hahaha

can you read

can you read it?

well here are the other parts of the chat XD





dump i hope you are reading this.

that’s all for now. bye

ciao guys! ^_^


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