Interview with a GM

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hi hi all! this day has been a very very stressful if i may say so. Julianna1898 who changed her name into KissMyBunny almost quit the game. almost all of us was insisting her not to quit. she gave away all her weps and golds and armors or customes. i got her 600k for safe keeping. i know she’s totally not gonna quit. and i am right. before i write this blog, she already said that she’s not quittung. thank goodness! ^_^

i spent most of the day in the desert with Bojack and i hoped it helped him get some stuff. oh and im level 400 now. so happy about that! gonna turn celes soon ^_^. and i met Bizzi our newest sub guild. i know his strong cause he was able to level his character for three days. sweet ain’t it?

he said his level 90 already. whew! what a dude. so while am waiting here for nikki to give me her other stuff i am suddenly teleported into a place. and i think its the unknown continent. i saw CM Dhar teleported me.

see how the CM teleported me. hehe dunno why he do that. maybe CM wants to alone with me hahaha lol ^_^. so i asked Dhar why he teleported me and said i can interview him. but i said “thanks CM but can i interview GM instead” and he said “ok”. hehe. i think CM love me ^_^ jk jk.

i had the rarest opportunity to interview GM Nemesis through CM Dhar of course. thanks so much CM ^_^.

my interview with GM went like this

me: hi GM

GM Nemesis: hello

me: when did you start to be GM

GM Nemesis: secret. i was born to be a GM lol

me: lol. are you the meanest of all GM?

GM Nemesis:lol im not im just strict

me: how is it to be GM?

GM Nemesis: it is hard but fun

me: gm what can you say about our guild?

GM Nemesis: actually your guild is just new but your guild seems to be growing and growing

me: yeah . you think we have a chance against zeus?

GM Nemesis: lol im not sure about that. zeus worked really hard to be that powerful. well i think you guys   need extra effort.

me: yeah. we’re working on it. GM how old are you in real life?

GM Nemesis: lol sorry not allowed to tell XD

me: oh ok. what can you say to the players?

GM Nemesis: well i wish you guys to have fun and dont let the game play you. just have fun and enjoy

me: you got anything for us? like events?

GM Nemesis:actually we have lot of events prepared for all the wydians. and soon we launch it. hope every one participates because we prepared for more and exciting events that all wydians will surely love. just wait for further notice. for the mean time, relax and enjoy.

me: thanks GM for the time and welcome to my haven XD


that’s all folks. thanks for visiting! whew that was long ^_^

ciao guys!


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