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i found this place yesterday when i was on my way to the desert. it’s a really nice place, i just don’t know if some of you found out about this. i hope not. hehe. i want to keep it; but im sharing it to you now so you’ll know ^_^. here are some ss.

this is mine lol ^_^

this is mine lol ^_^

like a bridge over troubled waters

like a bridge over troubled waters

its a beautiful place isn’t it? its an ideal place for dating lol. ^_^ i hope there’s such a place in real life. maybe there is but i just don’t know its existence yet. i am a nature lover and i want to go to these kind of place sometime. me and my family went camping before but that was ages ago *_*. wish we’d go camping again.

anyway, today SHIELD held waters led by yours truly. i really love this guild. the people are friendly, happy, and lively. i haven’t seen bloo5 for a while now. maybe he already went back to school. most of the members of SHIELD are teens and i think im the oldest. arghh i can’t believe this! oh no im not hehe. i remember SuperBeotch his like over 20 ^_^. peace SuperBeotch XD. see the ss below for SHIELD waters.

shield shield  shield

shield shield shield

see how those gargoyles throw fire at us? well, they’re no match too us. we are powerful lol ^_^. oh btw, that thing in the middle is a falling rock. our boxers dumptires and Alia are so intense fighting the hideous monsters that causes the rocks to fall hahaha.

go shield go!!!

go shield go!!!

early on, i went to the desert to visit my good ol friend rejuper broken lol. this time i’m able to took pictures. but the bad thing is my dear friend killed me *_*. how could he do that! waaaaa i lost 30000 exp points because of that!

trivia: did you know that rejuper broken is the cousin of the dark elf and  grandson of Dark Shadow? lols XD

am dead *_*

am dead *_*

see how they mobbed me? am alone and they took advantage of that!?! how mean *_*

then someone called for water share. so i went to armia and joined the pt. while waiting for full pt, i saw GM Helius’ shout. wow! GM Helius! haven’t seen her in my playing days in WYD so i went to her and took the chance of meeting her.

i thin kim in a daze lol

i think im in a daze lol

see the famous GM! sexy isn’t she? i think she’s the most popular of all GMs or not ^_^. i really like her hair its multicolored hahaha sweet. i asked GM if i can have her unicorn but she don’t wanna gave it to me *sob sob*. anyway, people are asking so many questions about her and how to do multiclient. i think its posted on CM Dhars blog. then GM Helius changed her name into GM Sexy. cool! her name suits her well i just hope she’ll give me a uni ^_^.

this ends my little quest for today. hope you enjoy reading ^_^

ciao guys!

note: sorry i did not bother  to crop or do the ss. im really sleepy its 2 am here ^_^ morning all !


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