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hi all bloggers and WYDians! today i wanna share you my random experience. my day started when I spawned naked in the town and met new members of the guild (too bad i wsnt able to take ss). they are really nice and have sense of humor. then i went hunting with Bojack again in the desert at rejuper but we still cant make it. after the tiringsome hunting, i went to our town and took quiet moments. the moon was shining brightly and it was perfect.



isnt it perfect? the moon is shining brigthly and the fountain ahh so perfect. then suddenly, someone appeared in front of me. it was KingBob. my moment of solitude was over. but then again, i cant deny that the ambiance is so sweet! ^_^ and then KingBob and i had a chat.



wonderful. i cant help admiring the moon and the knight before me jk!then appeared other guild mates and we even had a dance but the sad thing is FM doesn’t know how to dance. lol. Rm3dyz was one of the new recruits and one of our celestials hehe. SHIELD is really getting stronger ^_^ . then i saw Saix announcement of water share and of course i joined. I think waterMs are addictive hehe. so to all newbies earn your money cause you’ll need a lot of that when you turn god. then after waters, i went to the king antried to make friends with his guards ^_^

befriend them

after the pep talk with the kings guard. i went hunting all by meself in the desert. there i met the vicious rejuper broken (am i right?) i forgot to take ss *_* anyway, ill show you tomorrow. man if the rejuper are strong these creatures would destroy you with one hit even if your a god. of course i died and spawned in town. there i saw SuperBeotch. i think she was as fashionable as Norf. I like the combination of his armors. me and superbeotch

then i went back to the desert cause fashionable superbeotch was AFK. i decided to go back to the desert. on my way to there, i noticed the god government of Noatun. have you ever noticed this creature before? it reminds me of a character in Harry Potter. it looks like the creature who zaps all the hapiness inside you. i forgot what it’s called but i know they are similar.

hallow god government

is it scary or what *_*. before proceeding in the desert, i stopped and this is what i saw. somewhere out there hehe emo mode.i guess thats all for now. i feel so sleepy right now. thank you for reading!



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