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hi all! i haven’t blog for a couple of days now cause there were more important things that came up. hmm what have i done these past few days? Alia and we’re looking for water share yesterday and the other day but there was none. i dunno what happened to the people who usually call for water share party. then yesterday, i saw norf. he is so beautiful! i love the color combination of his armor so i took a shot. look mr. cargo guard and the other lady wants ss too ^_^

isn't it cute?

isn't it nice?

anyway, i logged in today and saw my guild mates and our very sweet guild leader (lol) dumptires. we had a party in the snow field to try our luck on the drops. but the drops in the snow field sucks. i didnt even get anything!!!

Snow Field here we come!

Snow Field here we come!

then Bojack wanted to try the rejuper. so we went there using my god. but even with the god wickedness we weren’t able to defeat the hideous monster. he is so f@!%ing strong. too bad i forgot to take ss when we were fighting with it. after our defeat from rujeper, we went back to snow field and ask why is there no water shares. our very sweet *cough* *cough* guild leader dumptires told me ‘ok then so lets do waters’ so i said ‘ok XD’. we went back to our crib (i.e Erion) and dump called out all SHIELD members. this time, carby was able to join the waters. she unlocked her god (wooot! grats -Carbuncle- ^_^). so here are some ss from our waters.



last time we went waters, carby was not in the pt cause she needs to unlock her god but now. look she is there! wooot grats again carb and to Izzaya and KingBob who leveled 400 today. sweet ain’t it? SHIELD is getting stronger and i hope that we keep our faith and trust to one another.

can you see us?

can you see us?

wooot! this gargoyles are really pouring their heart out! they are so angry they blew fire on us hehehe. see all the tags? its SHIELD! uh btw, we are proud to have one of the cooleset blogger in WYD -Soloran-!!! grats grats mate! so proud of you! after waters this is what we did…AFK ^_^

went afk

went afk

next time ill introduce you to some SHIELD members.

ciao guys!


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