Waters with Zeus

August 17, 2008 at 7:57 am | Posted in adventures | Leave a comment

went water share today and guess who im with? its Zeus! me, Alia and Dump. the waters went ok. i level up four times. from 370 to 374. nice ain’t it?



the GL and one sub guild is there. mostly the pt is made up of zeus and a couple of ares and three (that’s me, alia and dump).



after waters, dumpy me and alia went back to our home (which is Erion). i just love erionXD. i met there carby then out of the blue norf came. we had this crazy idea of just sitting down and put AFK above our head. hehehe crazy really crazy! carb i hope you find 13 laks more so you can unlock. Goodluck carby love ^_^



this is the life. watching the water fall down the fountain and watch these little flower thingy floating around us. zzzzz i feel like im in a daze *_*. look at carby’s hair so different from us. pink, cool XD. carby thought alia steal dump from carby. what she didn’t know is that alia is a boy. hahah carby¬† jelousy kills the cat (?!!) ^_^. while relaxing at our crib, iAmSexy shout a waterM share so i went there i sv1 only to find out that there is no more slot *_*. yay! with hopes of seeing a guildmate, i went to the pk arena and there i saw our sub guild Norf and Julianna. in the arena are other player and a Zeus member. i think his name is Invisible or invincible (not really sure). that zeus member pked me! without me knowing it waaaa. im really not good in pk *_*. then came carby and another celestial named -Chaos-. i know him. he is an honest person. i can vouched to that cause one time i shared with him and i gave him 12 M scrolls for three persons when in fact the other person i paid for is not in the party. he gave me back the other 4 that’s why.



here’s a ss of us. ^_^ hey i just found out that carby is really good in math! nice one carb! you’re really good!

hmm next time ill post about more about the guild so you’ll know more about our friendly guild SHIELD!

ciao guys!


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