Unlock again!?!

August 16, 2008 at 8:01 am | Posted in adventures | Leave a comment
Hi again!
*sigh* in my yesterday’s post i mentioned that i went to the dessert mainly to fill the little space there in my exp box. and it was successful. before i left the game i unlocked my 355 god ^_^. so happy!
as usual, since today is twice exp day, there are many who form party for water share. btw, today Kephra is dead in all servers idk why. a bug maybe? as always, i joined waters and able to level my self to 370 where i need to unlock again. *sigh* isn’t it like tiring. well, that’s the rule of the game.
after reaching 370, i decided to go with sis Alia and do some god quest. we went to the Kephra dungeon and went hunting for monsters who will drop the items. here are some ss (i am loving ss!!!)
entrance of Kephra dungeon

entrance of Kephra dungeon me and sis Alia

then we went inside

look who i found

look who i found

i dunno what she’s doing there? who is she anyway?



this is so nice i met new monsters. hahaha. they are so mean!!! look i think that is the golden widower??

im confuse

im confuse

there are two swarms here. its kinda funny how they move. one is the wriggle swarm and the other is grub swarm. the wriggle swarm well of course it wriggles and the grub idk its like jumping. hehe really funny.

i forgot his name

i forgot his name

ah now i remember he is Batorero. hmm i got a drop from him the Noahs crystal. i wonder why we need to get this drop when it will decrease 100m exp points from me *_*. so sis Alia went to hunt this Batorero guy too. while she is hunting this is what i did.

dont look at the light but its wonderful isn't it?

dont look at the light but its wonderful isn't?

sis Alia can kick the ass of that Batorero guy ^_^. then we hunt for the other crystals but those monster are f***ing strong! all my pots almost went to the drain. bummer*_* maybe next time we’ll be luckier. i need to have that three remaining crystals before i unlock again. why? nothing i just want to. ^_^

thanks for reading.

ciao guys!


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