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August 15, 2008 at 8:05 am | Posted in adventures | Leave a comment

hi guys! as you all know, i already have a god and i am excited because i will soon reach level 355. woooot! i joined 2 shares of 40waterM in the hope of reaching 355. first i joined -Chaos-‘s share and the last is Ahmeds. so i am really hoping that i’ll reach 355 tocay but i am sooo frustrated!! waaahhhh i wanna shout to the whole wyd WTF!!!

see what i mean!!

see what i mean!!

err there is something missing. there is supposed to be an arrow somewhere inside the picture pointing the bar but i guess i didn’t save it. waaahhh ssssooooo frustrating!! (take a deep breath ok then count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9)

im ok now *sigh*. btw, that is my first party with -Soloran- (hi to you!). we are supposed to in his share yesterday (or the other day i think) but things didn’t work out XD.

so after the water event i went to the dessert to hunt because i thought it would be enough for the missing exp. i hunted there tarons and spiders but then came my sister Alia. we agreed to go to deeper in the dessert and this is what we found

what the hell is that!?!

what the hell is that!?!

me and sister Alia was so shocked! we were like wtf!?! hehehe flying stingray or stingray out of the water. XD. but it is called the mantrap. and we encountered again another thing



i think that one is called a treant. but im happy cause i saw and encountered these creatures. hehehe. so to all of you out there specially the mortals, never go go dessert and try to kill those things.  youll be dead with one hit. ^_^

that’s all for now. bye bye



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