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August 13, 2008 at 8:02 am | Posted in adventures | 1 Comment

hi there! so basically this post is about my first general event.

I find it quite fun and people are going crazy with CM Dhar’s appearance and GM Loki. its just sad to know that Granny Nyx wasn’t at the event. anyhow, here are some ss.

that is my meteor strike!! nice isn't it?

that is my meteor strike!! nice isn't it?

i thought its great don't you?

i thought its great don't you?

hmmm. those generals are really bullies! they run after me and mobbed me *sobbed*. They saw me at a corner and thought they’ll have their luck. not in this lifetime! I am an elite of the Kingdom Hekalotia and i will not disgrace the name of our kingdom lol. I hate god odin he’s really mean and tough. Luckily, i have my lightning storm and meteor strike unlucky for the bad guys. hahahaha i feel triumphant already!^_^

the smeaky GM Loki

the smeaky GM Loki

you think i had typo eh? well no, i called GM Loki smeaky cause i think she was just around the corners when the event is happening. and i am right! btw, smeaky means sneaky and sexy all at the same time (i just invented the word so no questions ask ok?^_^ ). i had a hard time getting her picture. anyway, still had one although she’s like feet away from usXD

giant Dhar

giant Dhar

so while we are fighting the evil gods the giant cat appeared! i’m talking about CM Dhar (cause pretty much resembles a cat with red eyes). he’s riding his giant horse (i wish i could ride in that giant horse too *CM i know you’ll read this* ) he stayed there for like several minutes and he even got poisoned but didn’t die ^_^

poor dragon

poor dragon

so after annihilating the evil gods and getting at least 10 boxes, i went to the golden dragon to know what’s inside the box. the dragon, doing its job opened all my boxes and poof! i got tickets (and i dont know what to do with them *_*). after all that converting stuff, the dragon is sooo tired he can’t even get his head up. tsk tsk tsk. so guys after killing the generals, dont be so hard to the golden dragon.he might die because of stress lol ^_^.

hmmm why am i here?

what have i done?!

so before the event, i was using my god and just hanging in the town looking for carbuncle when suddenly, i was teleported inside the guild zone of ares. WTF! and there it was the was CM Dhar! he’ playing games at me! i hate you CM jk jk jk ^_^ love all.

so that’s all i can share with you. BTW, this happened last week. i wasn’t able to blog it last weekendXD

ciao! guys!


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