WYD NOOB partII (The Transformation)

August 12, 2008 at 6:36 am | Posted in adventures | Leave a comment

hmm ok so i where did i stop..ah yes the HK. here goes my second part….

So i went to HK and there i met new friends. I think I was level 100+
or so when I joined HK. They helped me alot and the OPs Hidayah and
For-Hunt became my friends. There I joined the Academy league. First in
the advanced division and when I reached 256 i entered hardcore
division. In the four or five times i joined, I never lasted the battle
for more than 5 minutes (i’m never really good at PK ^_^). While in the
academy, i did the Resurrection of the Darknight and Immortality of
Hydras. There I met greedy guys, lots of them. Have you encountered
them too? Well, they are the “No KS pls” or the “KS=PK” or “KS=DIE” and
the last “MY SPOT”. These people were really annoying cause it was as
if they own the spot. Hmmm, i really can’t understand this gameplay. I
know that they just wanted to get more but please you can ask the
person first. Ok, moving on with my story; i think i reached level 350+
when I joined Shield. Oh I forgot to tell you that I was in Akeronia
before so I changed capeXD.
I joined SHIELD and was not able to say goodbyes to my HK friends.
Afterall they have done to me! But I was able to say sorry through my

In SHIELD I met more people and one of my closest friend
dumptires (lol). He was away like a month I think and back again to
lead a new guild. The guild also has water sessions and we were
targeting to own one of the towns. I was like 330 something when I did
the Beginning of Unhapiness. There I met Iesha. She was so kind to me.
She lend me some weapons and gave me quest tickets (btw, when i was
doing the last quest for the 350, 7.52 patch was already running).
Thanks so much Iesha!

After that, I started in sharing water N with our guild. In
order to own a town, we must be strong and capable of defending it. And
I think the guild water was successful (lol) cause we won Erion! Thanks
to our Guild Master Dump and our subs and of course to the courageous
members of the guild ^_^.

I was level 378 when I decided I want to go god. So I bought a
god pack (cause i don’t want to go all through that quest stuff). Then
I went to the blue oracle to have my eternal stone. Then to the king
and presto! A new Wickedness was born (ill be back for this one).

The mortal wickedness was still weak so I went looking for
water M share. I shared with Exia, jj72, and Arren (which was my first
waterM share). I attempted to create a share but no one believed me
cause I was just a mortal. So my dear friend Arren, told me that she’ll
lead the share and I said yes. In my first water M share, I met
MsAllSunday, PlanetGanja, tabihealer and other gods. My next water M
share was with Exia (i think) and other celestials. I spent about 3 to
4 40water M share to reach level 400.

…ok that’s it for now ill have another part for my god and the other adventures of my mortal. Thanks for reading!

happy gaming and blogging everyone! ^_^


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