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I was once a noob in a land called Armia. I  went to  the training camp to become stronger and be one of the greatest black Foema. The trainer leader asked me to bring him the Orc emblem which was in the possession of the Orc Warrior in the fourth and final phase of the camp. The first monsters I encountered was the boar and the eagle. I kicked and punched them cause i don’t how to use the cane or the bow. Then came the gremlin, crill and gremlin decoy who holds the key to the second gate. I muster all my strength although i have a weaker body than the Transknight, Beastmaster and the Hunter. I defeated the gremlin decoy and proceeded to the second phase of the camp. There I went to Carbuncle for help. He gave me buffs which i badly need cause i was a noob and no weapon.

Before proceeding to the second phase of the camp, I went to Elder Foema and learn the first skill, the magic arrow. This saved me from another encounter with the crill and the gremlin but not enough to defend myself from the gremlin king, the snake and the giant crill. So I went back to town and learn another skill. My first black skill, fire. With this and the magic arrow, I knew i would be able to kill the giant crill and proceed to the third phase. I knew it! It was successful; I was able to kill the giant crill and went to the third phase. There I met again (and im so sick seeing their ugly faces) the gremlin, the gremlin king and the crill but at least i met another monster. It’s the Orcs Marksman. This time, i doubted my skills. I knew it’s not enough. That moment, I was killed and respawned to town. Fortunately, the Malaysian academy was recruiting. I went there and became a student of the Malaysian Academy. However, being a noob, i didn’t know about this water event where one can level up faster than you can imagine.

But one time, i was able to join and be part of the session. If i remember it right, i was like level 60 when I first entered the water elemental zone. By the time we finish the session, i was like level 66 or 69. Hehe. that was really fun but i believed that i was able to attend only two water sessions. Then, I went and did quests. My first was the Spirit Guardian where i had golds and some stuff ( i think ^_^) .

Can you imagine that at the level of 70, i still did not know the existence of azran and the other towns. Nah, i knew their existence its just that  i was scared to leave the comfort zone of Armia. So after a nice quest at the spirit guardia, i left Armia and went to Azran.

In the town of Azran, I met other hideous monsters. By that time, i had already learned other skills and was getting better each and everyday. I knew how to use the thunderbolt, the ice sphere and was able to equipped myself with a staff. Great improvement isn’t it! Still in the Malaysian academy, I did the Gods Garden quest and level up on my own. I was level 100+ when I was recruited in Hong Kong academy.

This was one of the most important chapters in my WYD life. HK has great OP’s. They helped me a lot and I was learning more and more about the WYD world. In HK, I met great people.

…to be continued


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