Bonding with old buddies

August 8, 2008 at 2:53 am | Posted in adventures | Leave a comment
hey look who's with me!hey look who’s with me!

Hey! Looky that’s For-Hunt he’s the OP for HK and my old mate ^_^. This was taken before the OP league. The academy league had some troubles and players are beginning to be impatient. Loki is the one who’s assigned in the league. While waiting for their turn, For-Hunt, Hidayah and had a little chat. Then the scene was stolen by the CM’s. They really love grand entrance ^_^.

Hi CM’s. hey i haven’t met the other CM’s yet. anyway, here are other ss…

CM Dhar paid us a visit

CM Dhar paid us a vis

look at the people gathering round giant CM Dhar! how did they grow that big!?!

still waiting for the OP league

still waiting for the OP leagu

so after, CM Dhar disappeared (or so we thought cause he’s going to appear again with CM Nyx…oopss sorry) Hunt and i just sat there waiting for GM Loki to announce who’s the winner in the hardcore division. Taking all our time to see what’s happening around us. I knew it, the CM’s are snooping! cause they just appeared and disappeared out of the blue. below, you can see Hidayah’s fenrir trying to eat or to bite CM Dhar. Dhar is stronger than what we think.

told ya
told ya

see the CMs appeared again and they bonded with us…did you see the butterfly ?

hunt wtf!?! XD
hunt wtf!?! XD

my buddy For-Hunt under CM Nyx’s skirt!! hey hunt don’t do that to Grandma! wahaha lol XD

after a long wait the OP league is called.  so i went to the sides of the arena. beside me were OP’s trying to catch GM Loki’s attention. I cheered for For-Hunt and Hidayah-2. so i shouted “GM summon HK” and “GO HK!!! woooooot”. then all of a sudden, i found meself inside the arena with all the OP’s around!!! WTF!?! i told GM “WHY ME!!!! I’m not OP!”  Norf, my buddy from SHIELD and OP of AUS , partied me. since im inside the arena, might as well grab the chance and try to kill OP’s hehe XD…but they are so many! i can’t beat them so i died…huhuhu*_*

Lesson: when watching/cheering for OPs DO NOT STAND BESIDE THEM!!!

nyway, here are some ss. busy day isn’t it?!

see the butt of our horses^_^
see the butt of our horses^_^

that’s all for now. watch out for my mini story! ^_^ ciao guys!


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