the dessert

August 6, 2008 at 7:53 am | Posted in adventures | Leave a comment
im with the queen^_^

im with the queen^_^

before this shot, i talked to carbuncle. i wanted to join her guild but then i wasn’t able to. i have no cape yet and i still need to level up. that’s really disappointing don’t you think so? and after i took this shot, i heard natty was looking for a boxer and i presented meself but they didn’t accept me. Why? because i am a god and they are celes… ughhhh

that really hurts but i understand. XD  as of this very moment i am still in the dessert hoping to have some lak or ori powder. and my senses are right! i have one ori from the taron ^_^. thanks taron!

aside from that, the dessert is the only place i know where i can level up. i need to level up fast so i can join carby’s guild^_^. my mortal will remain in shield ( i just love you guys!!! ) . oh before i forgot, we did some water N share today. but the thing is non shield members did not pay me 😦

so i just told them that its on the house my treat to them. *sigh* next time i do waterN share, i will make sure that they have scrolls.>.<

ciao people! hoping to see you in game^_^


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