Breaking Silence

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In a span of almost three months, our guild SHIELD rose up to power. In that little time, the guild was able to gather force. This force is what we need to own a town or towns.

The guild was able to own server 4 when its allied guild The Balance changed server and went to server 1. Server 4 was owned by SHIELD three weeks in a row with no challenger until last Friday.

I was shocked when I saw Ares bid for Armia, The FirstHeroes in Snow field and Erion, then Crusaders on Azran. I was stunned with this news! Three different guild in one night wtf !?! And what more was that Ares which was originally based in server one changed citizenship and its guild leader is DeneB. Yeah your right, DeneB as in Zeus guild master (before TAHOE handed him the tag) and not only him former Zeus members EnemyOfMySun, Ryukz, and Arrancar. Now that just proves how former Zeus (now Ares) wants SHIELD homeless lol. :p


Last stay in Armia before ditching it 😦

ARmia challenger

Armia challenger

Azran Challenger

Azran Challenger

Empi Empis Empis

Empi Empis Empis

Ah its Bruce the Snow Man

Ah its Bruce the Snow Man

I knew it they were cooking something fishy that’s why they were (Zeus) so quiet. Oh I forgot when the guild Crusaders was made, they were originally white cape people and it was last Thursday I think, when they changed to red cape.

So our dear guild leader dumptires, decided to ditch Armia and defend the three other towns. I think it was a right move cause it will be suicide if we would defend Armia with just a few celestials (and Ares were tougher than tough specially DeneB). If only TB could help us but this was our fight lol.

Before GW

Before GW

Well, we lost Azran and won Erion and Snow Field thanks to IAmNameless. 😀 The Crusaders were tough and we had a good fight ^_^. So we were back to our original home and that‘s Erion ^_^. It was a cozy place and a bit little for us but that will do (for now):P

Noatun ^_^

Noatun ^_^

Luckily, no one challenged us for Noatun so we still keep the sever ^_^


OMG Server Maintenance!!!

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ok so today is maintenance day and i this will be a very boring day omg… i missed the twice experience day and only shared two waters after that. no guild war, no server war zzz but still exciting. why? cause of ZEUS and my guild ^_^!

see when i was stuck in level 90, I decided to join an event which is the games of the generals. As we all know, in this event (for gods and celestials) the drops are good. You need to kill the red cape wizards and the Akeronia General if you are a blue cape and the Hekalotia General if you’re a red caper. The wizards drop warrior seal and lak powder while the generals drop a medal and lak.

Going back, it was Friday morning when I joined the event and out of nowhere, a Zeus mem (I think it was DeneB) pked me T_T. Then it happened again the next day and the next day. The only difference was on the second and the third day, there were also other blue capers around like The Balance and other SHIELD mem. So I was not the only one fighting ^_^. It was fun pking with Zeus but I got tired cause I can’t remain alive for 15 minutes *_*. Every time I spawned in the kephra dungeon, they will (Zeus) strike me. I got tired and thought that it was just a waste of pots so I just decided to do a share ^_^.

Later, the servers will be up again and I bet, not so many people will play cause the drops really sucks after maintenance T_T. I just hope that there will be double exp this week for celes because the problem with the MOL thing is settled ^_^.

Ok guys let us hope that drop rate after server maintenance is better. See you all in game!

Ciao ^_^

No It Cant Be!?!

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ZOMG!!! have you read the new update.

It is not that good to me…for goodness sake they are removing the Naiads from Nell! And instead it will be dropped by the boss monster in the Duel N letter. nooo!!!! this is all a dream… got to wake up or else ill die in my sleep lol 😀

Seriously, in my opinion, i don’t think it is wise to remove the Naiads from Nell. Although it would be beneficial to those doing the duel letter. err, then it would mean that Duel Letter N prizes may rocket to all time high price and Naiads too (?).

I bet the naiads that will be drop will have no ups (course lol) 😀

On the other hand, they will be adding more stocks of other stuff in nell so *shrug* i think its still ok. And they have lots of event which is cool ^-^ and this means more WYDians can earn money hehe.

Thats all i can say. You think its ok to remove t

WYD NOOB (the ascension)

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at last ive come to the third part of my little story. i know this took awhile and there are so many stories out there. but i want you to know all that i am continuing this story because my adventures in WYD hasn’t ended yet ;P here goes nothing…

from a total noob who knows nothing (as in NOTHING) who became god and now a celes. what did i do when i was god? lots of stuff ^_^ most of them you can find in this blog :).  i also did that god quest where you need to hunt four monsters that will drop crystals. This crystals are the water, wind, fire, and earth spirits. i really hate that Kephra Dungeon, im always lost in there T_T (it just shows how noob i am wakaka). i used the crystals when i was lvl 380 or 390, still it caused me to level down by ten levels. what i did mostly to level up was of course water M! hahaha. there were not so many quest for a god and all i did was hunt and help some friends and sometimes go to the pk arena and be a power tripper lol. i am a foema and i know that my life’s short and easily killed by strong tks and hunter and beastmasters zzzz. so i reached level 400 and i have the ideal and stone and with a single click poof! i am celes wahaha i know i had a ss but i cant find it omg zzz. when one’s a celes, there’s no way to level up othere than water M.

ah when i was like lvl 20 something celes (i dont remember the exact lvl lol)i attempted a water party. thankfully, the party was made ^_^. for the first time in my noob life, i clicked water scrolls wahaha. when i was clicking those scrolls, man, i felt cramps in my back neck lol really! funny isn’t it? its just a game yet i was feeling nervous and jittery wakaka. that proves that i am a certified noob. then i had the courage to shout for 80water M share sv1 Azran 🙂 that went well and although chaos is telling me that i am a noob (which is true ^_^) i really had fun. after the 80shares, i thought that maybe if i can do 80 maybe i can do a hundred click lool! i did attempt to make a party and that was just recently after the server maintenance. lol people came but only half of a party. there came like 9 i think including myself. so after wasting 20 or less shouts (i think) i decided to do a 40 which was more attainable (on that moment). and when we were inside the water zone, we realized that we had no healer! lol beat that a water party without a healer (a blood foema i mean).

what else did i do when i was below level 40? i hunt rejureper broken and man! it kicked a**!! we were two celes (Alia and me) and other shield mem. it took us like 10-20 minutes to kill a rejureper broken. you may ask why we hunt broken well that was because of that unicorn spirit. it’s the hardest to find stone. if some people found them, they were so damn lucky ^_^. i still need to find two actually for my friends ;P

i was a god when i thought of attacking the red kingdom and that tower which looks like the endless tower, its attack was ok but not for a god foema T_T. it attacked me like 3k zzz see this ss.

bad bad tower

bad bad tower

so after a few hundred shares of water M, I was able to level to 40 and unlock. from then on, i was able to be boxer in a celes share ^^ (but not all the time). then i was able to reach 90 so i need to unlock again but this time its harder. you need 500 fame (which you can get if you have so many frags and exchange it to the god government which i dun have or but 50 warrior seal ;P) at least 2m gold and the right runes in the right places. i failed!!!! and it was really so disappointing and would cost you a lot T_T. so if any of you guys gonna unlock for level 90 please be sure to visit Claire’s guide in unlocking. 100% working ^^ tyvm claire!  i used your guide in the second time i unlocked ^^. and to make it worst, while i was stuck in level 90, almost all celes were having waters because of the twice exp! they were carzy!!! one share after the other errr not actually it was a continuous share! every clicker ive known made about 3 40M shares a day and it  run for two days! OMGGG!!! i missed like a level up in a lifetime event huhu.

but no worries its ok for me^^. at least i experienced how to do stuff other than waters hahaha. today i was able to unlock! haha so happy and glad that i can share waters again.

this ends my wyd noob story guys. its not as good as the first ones but its still ok ^_^ lol. watch out for the next saga lol.



Top picks

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omg i really dunno how to start this one…err i don’t want to do the 101 reasons why i love cause it is so long and i cant really find 101 ways why i love wyd lol. so ill do the fave CMs and GMs. ^_^

for my fave CM it will be Dhar cause he’s the only one i talked to and err get to know. since CM popped up (lol) i haven’t seen CM Aruman or Tonbarry. well, i had a little chat with Nyx but that was very quick but i can say that Nyx was cute. CM Dhar is really funny and helpful too and fashionable if i may say so. I think he already had three makeover. and this is the third time 🙂 and i like his blog too funny and at the same time informative 🙂

for GMs (mmm i hope GMs won’t get me for this lol)

1. GM Loki
cause she was the first one i talked to and she is very patient. when i was in academy, Loki was the one in charge in the league and i find her very entertaining lol. with all the “GM Summon meeeee” thing she was really patient with all the players.

2. GM Nemesis
cause i interviewed him and he was soo nice

3. GM Zeus
i just like her and the way she looks

and all other GMs are equal cause i believe they all did good job. ^_^

waaa this is so sucky sorry guys ^_^ but i hope its still ok lol


lemme think

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hi hi! oh i know i missed alot from my 4 days of not blogging. geez…the last time i blogged was the second day of the second season.zzz it seemed like forever. to be honest, i run out of things to blog. but thankfully, our cms gave us topics ^_^  . so what are the things you can expect from my blog?

1. Makeover

im thinkin of a blog makeover (oh man why did i tell you!?!) jk. since this is the second season i decided to change some things in my blog and i hope you guys will like it. so better watch out ^_^

2. More Pics

i will be getting ss every now and then of me and the whole WYD community. mmm im gonna be a wanderer.

3. Interviews

in my past entries, i only have two interview articles. most of my entries were about me, myself and i lol. this time i would try to introduce you to my friends ^_^ and maybe to some GMs too (well, i hope they will grant me an interview) .

4. More of my adventures!

ah this one is more wicked. i’ll be doing some deathdefying stunts (lol).  ill be doing more quests and hunting i guess ^^.

To start with the new adventures, today i went to the SF and tried  my luck to hunt for ressurection book. and this is what came my way

waaa the monster eating me!!!

waaa the monster eating me!!!

aggh the anceint ape is eating my head off *_* what a sight to behold lol

hit that ape

hit that ape

the ancient ape looks so vicious *_* so i hit him hard wahaha and he died. i killed lots of them but still no ressu book. so unfortunate today…zzzz maybe tomorrow ill be lucky ^_^

gtg and thank you for always reading my blog lol. ^_^


read me!

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waaaa im running out of ideas to blog! zzzz.. ok so there are many bloggers now and i am happy with that and at the same time, i know that things will bre rougher and tougher this time. err idk really know what to blog. my mind is like in a limbo right now *_*. idk if i am gonna quit work to study or i’ll have it both at the same time. i dont want to quit my job but i also don’t want to fail school waaaaa. i dunno what to do!

*sigh* ill leave that thing alone for now, and what i’ll tell you now are the things i learned from last season’s blogging event.  last season, the CMs are a little lenient about the blogging. there is no rule or requirements. but as a major blogging rule, they do not allow plagiarism and we all know that it is really a big NO no in writing. and in all fairness to the WYDian bloggers, they ( including me lol ^_^) do not plagiarise. and this event also gave  way to the artistic side of the WYDians.

second thing, i have learned many things from my fellow bloggers. they have shares their pesonal experiences in and out of game. and somehow i got some ideas on how to make my character stronger and better. thanks to the tips given by claire and the others who shared their knowledge ;P

i think and i believe that this blog event has made an invisible tie among wydian bloggers, readers and players too. see mastr-foema and cooldude?

cooldude and MSTR-FOEMA

(from cooldude’s blog)

hmm, and this blog event gave chance to people to be known in game (some little fame wont hurt aii ^_^ ).

so that’s all for now (me mind still not working properly … L-A-G-G-I-N-G *_*)

see ya


At last found it!!!

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hi everyone! wow the blogging continues!!! and i believe that many people are happy about it. the prizes are bigger and better ^_^ i’m so excited!!

however there are some modifications and the event is tougher than the last. the CMs are requiring us to do some stuff and put  the cms lair, wyd’s official site and the personal blog sites of each cm in our blog roll or the blog list. well, those are not that hard to do but some still might be confused on how to add links to their blog rolls. so ill be sharing with you guys the step by step procedures on how to add links. ;P

For wordpress:

1.  Go to Dashboard then click Manage.



2. Then click Link under Manage button. You will arrive in a a page like this.

example only ^_^

example only ^_^

then fill in all the necessary informations.

example also XD

example also

its up to you if you are going to make another category for your blog list.

After putting all needed info, hit the save button and presto! its in your blog list

its in the blog roll now!

its in the blog roll now!

err. idk if you guys understand it but i hope it will somehow help you ^_^.



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i dont know how to start this entry. *sigh* i visited the official site and at the first page of the forum there are lots of complains about the blocking of account.

almost all of the forumers complain about their account being blocked without notification. yesterday, the GMs announced about using a cheat engine. they said that accounts proven using this engine will be blocked permanently.i am sorry for those ppl who got blocked i know it is so annoying to know that you cannot log in your account and that it was blocked. so i hope the GMs will settle this matter soon.

I WON!!!

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wow i mean WOOOOOOW! this is so cool! after that one month blogging at last, judgement time has come. and i am really surprised that i am one of those lucky bloggers who’ll receive the ancient wep. cause originally, the cm will choose only three luck winners. then here we are ten! wow so many thanks. really. i really didnt expect to win cause there are lots of entries that are better than mine (mine is a little crappy). i just update mine almost everyday. and actually its kinda hard to maintain a blog. cause there are times that it gets boring ingame or even in real life. and sometimes there is nothing really to blog about. so you need to make one ^_^. or to find one cause if can’t do that, then you’ll have no entry for that day…

and whats more is that you also need ss so your entry wont be that boring. at least two ss  =). and you also need blogging tricks or gimmicks so you’re readers won’t get bored. dhar announced that there will be a season two for the blogging event. next season will be tougher and i bet more bloggers will take it seriously. 5 laks & 5 ori powder are good source of gold.  imagine if you are always updating your blog and the CMs liked it. wow! thats a lot of money ^_^. if you wanna know about the new blog event go to cm dhars site.

so right now that’s all i can say. ill just prepare meself for that. and gratz to all winners! ^_^
and to all the bloggers too lets keep blogging!


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